December 11th, 2016
1pm Show, 2- 2:30pm Talk Back

Havana Theatre
1212 Commercial Drive

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(film series, in development)

a soft sci-fi collaborative film-making quest 

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Where people of colour survive and thrive. To boldly go where few queers have… errr… been invited to go before. We, our future selves, are the descendants of survivors, tinkerers, hackers, activists, artists, witches, and warriors. Collectively, we imagine into and create visions of future worlds that center our stories and dramas.

how can we heal the psychological wounds of intergenerational oppression by re-imagining the future on our own terms? What does it look like to re-frame our visions of the future from our own perspectives as queer/SWANA/Armenian storytellers by drawing from our own magic/herstories/mythologies/cosmologies? What do our dystopias/utopias look like in light of impending or possible technological and scientific shifts?


(transmedia, in development)

a remembering of our familial her/histories,
a blend of discarded analogue media
and newly collected footage,
images/memories of war,
displacement, and forced migration
as the undercurrents of our families’
search for home


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(theatre, in development)

An interdisciplinary & intergenerational performance that explores the lives & relationships of the Berberian family. Marked by generational differences & the impacts of displacement, gender, sexuality & the desire to love each other, their stories reveal a family’s fight to grow closer to one another in the face of great loss & the myriad experiences that threaten to pull them apart.

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Presented across Canada, USA, and Armenia (2013-current)

Dear Armen centers the struggles & successes of queer, trans* and gender nonconforming Armenians; exploring the intersections of identity, history, and cultural memory. By remembering Armen Ohanian, an enigmatic Armenian performer & survivor of the 20th century anti-Armenian pogroms, we bring to the fore an avant-garde Armenian figure who is too little discussed or remembered, and highlight the parallels that exist between her story and contemporary experiences. In so doing, this work hopes to break through memoricide, ensuring more of our cultural memories are passed down and used to help heal the intergenerational trauma left by genocide & displacement.

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(in production, on tour, currently booking)


Dear Armen follows the story of a genderqueer writer and student, Garo, as they study the life and work of Armen Ohanian. As Garo grapples with the discrepancies between Ohanian’s biography and memoirs, they are forced to confront memories from the past, unraveling experiences around gender, sexuality, ethnicity, family, and the role of the artist.


An interactive-theatre experience featuring a blend of monologue, traditional Armenian dance, erotic performance and live music, Dear Armen weaves together the voices and struggles of three generations of women and gender nonconforming Armenians.


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(produced, currently booking)

A site-specific performance installation created and presented at the Abrahamian Art Centre in Armenia in 2015. Building on the stage production of Dear Armen, we developed an interdisciplinary storyworld that is witnessed and documented by audience/participant; and where they can interact with its characters, textures, and multi-stranded narrative.


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(self-published, available for purchase)
While on tour with the theatrical incarnation of Dear Armen, we invite local performers, writers, activists, poets, etc. to participate during the show by presenting a piece inspired by the themes of the play.

(on tour, currently booking)

Join us for an interdisciplinary arts workshop where we will imagine into the past, integrate our experiences in the present, and vision into the future.

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Reeling Chicago LGBTQ & International Film Festival Official Selection (Sept. 2016)


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