Kindred Analogues

(transmedia project, in development)

Our parents and grandparents arrived to this country from Syria and Lebanon, two places that hold a focus in our news currently. Our ancestry is rooted to and through what is current day Eastern Turkey. We have family that reside in the current republic of Armenia, but we “come from” regions that no longer hold our family names or memories. Displacement and forced migration have been the undercurrents of our families’ search for home. While we were in Yerevan last summer working on the performance installation of Dear Armen, we began talking about the volumes of old photographs, hi­8, dv, and mini dv tapes we both have that were either taken by or of our families. The discarded footage contains memories and moments of/with family, some of whom have now passed away, and contains images of former homes and neighbourhoods, versions of countries that our families come from that were and are again dealing with the implications of imperialist wars, tragedy, and mass displacement.

From these discarded remnants of our ancestral/familial her/histories, we will create an interdisciplinary body of work that spans video and sound installations, written work, photography and performance.