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''…there’s a fearlessness to the performance and its examination of the cultural and corporeal aspects of gender as a continuum''

– Aram Kouyoumdjian (Winner of Elly Awards for both playwriting “The Farewells” & directing “Three Hotels”)

''...even the relationship between audience members and performers was queered... I was also reminded of how my body’s movements match that of my mother’s, how histories of genocide/displacement and impending rage/trauma/pain breathe from our bones through our skin''

– Kim Villagante (creator/performer/facilitator, Vancouver)

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''Boudakian and Abrahamian confront Armen and her history in a way that is equally informed and confounded by the enigmatic dancer from Shamakha. Identity, loss, and a people’s trauma that seems to transcend borders and generations carries the play to a powerful climax...''

– Mohamed Chakmakchi (REORIENT Mag)

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''Dear Armen is confrontational because it advances a threatened voice; yet, the voice is threatening. It demands to be heard. Esoteric on various levels, Dear Armen motivates viewers/participants to peel away layers and value nuance''

– Jacklyn Janeksela (Culture Designer)

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''The creators of the piece are searching for answers and bring the audience into that process. This is a performance, but in addition to being a captivating one, it’s also a collaborative one''

– Jason McLean (co-founder, Forget-the-Box, Montreal)

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''A marvelous work of staged performance. Smooth, intense, wise, poetic and above all, non-pretentious - all so elegant and profound. An unforgettable work indeed''

– Anahid Keshishian (UCLA Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures)

'' insightful coming-of-age story that weaves together complex narratives about ethnicity, gender, family, and survival...''

– Gillian Edevane (EastBay Express)

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''...begins to open up conversation about the dismissal of Armenian women’s experiences through their own silence; an ingrained refusal to share that which is foreign to our Garo''

– Jen Scholten (ThruMag, Portland)

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