A World of Q

(film series, in development) a soft sci-fi collaborative film-making quest
Where people of colour survive and thrive. To boldly go where few queers have… errr… been invited to go before. We, our future selves, are the descendants of survivors, tinkerers, hackers, activists, artists, witches, and warriors. Collectively, we imagine into and create visions of future worlds that center our stories and dramas.
how can we heal the psychological wounds of intergenerational oppression by re-imagining the future on our own terms? What does it look like to re-frame our visions of the future from our own perspectives as queer/SWANA/Armenian storytellers by drawing from our own magic/herstories/mythologies/cosmologies? What do our dystopias/utopias look like in light of impending or possible technological and scientific shifts?

creative concept board

Special thanks to the Canada Arts Council for supporting this project
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